Hey all you people out there in video game land.

Here I am to talk about Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends and its top 5 features.


1. Seamless Multiple Endings

I wouldn't so much call this seamless, on my first play through of each story line I was too busy rushing towards the finish that I missed a bunch of objectives to unlock alternate paths. For the player who is diligent with every task and level completion this will come across as quite seamless. The alternate endings are quite a breath of fresh air especially if you weren't happy with how it "historically" ended.


2. Character Story Lu Bu

In the original DW8, Lu Bu had no story arc of his own, However this has been changed for XL. Finally a conquest of the beast trying to find his way in the world. Lu Bu just feels like a powerful character from the moment you start to control him, crazy reach and above average damage for a starting character. Getting to see his alliances and to see his daughter in action makes the story really interesting. The ending is kind of disheartening, but this is where the alternate story and ending come into play and makes everything bright and happy in the world.


3. Ambition Mode Leveling Up

So many things to level up here, WOW; Almost overwhelming when you first start off. The replay of this mode gets a little stale before you realize what you actually need to level up in order to grow your community. I played through an entire ambition mode without realizing you could level up your leader ship. From the sheer number of buildings to level plus body guards and multiple characters and if that's your thing, its definitely a time sink.


4. Mounts

You can ride horses. Pretty straightforward. Well I ignored this feature for a bit, as I just wasn't convinced that it would make a whole lot of difference compared to previous titles in the series. I was wrong and by a long shot. Cruising through levels felt smooth and quick. While farming out additional objectives to unlock alternate story paths, the horse was a necessity in order to make it to certain parts of the map.


5. Weapons

Dynasty Warriors games have always been riddled with weapons and DW8XL is no exception; plus all weapons come with randomized skills to make it a lot broader. Weapons can be sold to earn extra revenue or combined with other weapons to make a new stronger weapon. There are also lots of very unique options, such as the war scroll which is literally attacking with a parchment held together by bamboo.

My personal favorites are the 4 bladed glaive and the wing blades, but there is a ton of weapons to experiment with.