I don’t know about you, but I like a dark horse. An underdog. If you don’t, then go watch “The Mighty Ducks” or “The Sandlot” and hopefully that’ll change your mind.

I am not sure how many have played a Torchlight game or Diablo, but I assume a lot. Let me just say that Torchlight II is worth a purchase. Runic Games builds off of what was good about the first game and makes for a wild ride. I mention the Diablo series (mainly Diablo III) because they are similar games, but there’s something to be said about the charm of Torchlight.

Torchlight II - by Runic Games

It’s also nice when a game costs less isn’t it?

So, here we go with my top Torchlight 2 Features!

#9 Weapons

Oh, so many weapons

Oh, so many weapons. I wish I could name every weapon in the game, but I cannot. I haven’t found them all and I don’t know if it’s possible. There are endless amounts of weapons that you pick up from killing enemies and looting chests. Every time I complete a mission I check to see if I can swap my primary weapon for another. Some are enchanted, giving them an extra boost, some are rare, and some allow you to attach special emeralds and stones to them to make them more powerful. So many choices, so little time.

*Quick Attempt: Bows, Cannons, Pistols, Staffs, Wands, Claws...aaand I give up.

#8 Character Classes

We have the Embermage, the Outlander, the Engineer, and the Berserker

Torchlight 2 features 4 different classes; We have the Embermage, the Outlander, the Engineer, and the Berserker. Each has his/her own special skills and weapons of choice. There are tons of customization options available to make your character look like a force to be reckon with or look hilarious – it’s really your preference. Of course, technically, you could choose to make any of them anything you want, but it’s more fun to focus on certain aspects of a character and also there aren’t enough skill points to upgrade every skill, but we’ll talk about that later.

#7 Magic/Powers

When in doubt, back up and blast away with some magic

Each character comes with his/her own set of magic/powers. I, for example, play as an Embermage and he comes packed with all kinds of magical powers. You never feel as though your powers are more powerful than your primary weapon. Switching off between a hack at the enemy and then a magical blast of some sort really works within the flow of the game. Having special abilities to help you along the way can only help going in with a hack-and-slash mentality. Remember: When in doubt, back up and blast away with some magic – that tactic has saved me from death many a time.

#6 Animal Companions

There are a lot of pets

Torchlight 2 features a lot of pets. Give or take 10 and then add the fact that you can transform your pets for a limited amount of time into other creatures. Two of my personal favorites: the panda and the headcrab. Yes, the headcrab from the Half Life games (This one is the Half Life 2 version). Oh, so many Half Life 2 headcrab memories… Anyways, these little guys can help you attack foes and when in need of health or mana potions, you can send them off to town nearby to grab you some. You can also upgrade them with special tags and collars to give them a boost.

What can’t pandas do? Am I right?

#5 Trading With Other Players

I especially enjoy trading with my friends on the fly

I especially enjoy trading with my friends on the fly. “Hey, I found a pistol, do you want it?” or “Dude! I snagged you a pretty awesome wand!” Five seconds after that, you can perform a quick trade and you have your new weapon and/or armor. It’s so easy too, without the hassle of dropping an item and looking for it. In Torchlight II, you cannot see what items your friend has dropped anyways, but there have been games in the past * cough * Borderlands and Borderlands 2 * cough * * cough * where dropping items may be risky as someone else might come and scoop up the weapon you were about to pick up.

I am a huge fan of the Borderlands games, just poking a little fun at them.

#4 Inventory

 the inventory system may have a couple problems, but nothing is ever perfect

To begin, I have a couple qualms with the inventory system to rid my mind of: there's not enough space and there should be a separate inventory for emeralds. Despite these two issues, the inventory works great. There is a button to organize your inventory, which separates your weapons and armor from the emeralds at least to help you out. Luckily, there is a separate space for potions and scrolls you gather as well as any fish you catch while on your adventures. Fish are really helpful to sell to vendors for gold or to give to your pet to turn them into something else for a short period of time. All in all, the inventory system may have a couple problems, but nothing is ever perfect and it works just fine in my opinion.

Don’t throw your PC out of a window over the emeralds being too close to the weapons – it’ll all work out smoothly.

#3 CO-OP

Another game with co-op. I enjoy the co-op experience so long as everyone CO-OPerates.

Ha – get it?


Playing with friends is usually fun and in this game it works well. You can join a friend’s game in the Menus area when you start up the game or you can warp right to them while traveling around randomly during the game using a Waypoint Portal. Torchlight II makes it convenient for players to help their friends out at any time. You can help out a friend who is 10 levels below you if you want too, but not the other way around. Having someone level 20 in a level 30 area would get messy.

#2 Progression

Ah, progression – that feeling you get when you level up is so nice. The way you level up in Torchlight II is simply by killing a bunch of enemies. As you level up, weapons and armor suddenly become more powerful, and  health and mana potions are larger and replenish more. You are generally given 1 skill point to upgrade your magic/powers and 5 skill points for your character every time you level up. Each character is given Dexterity, Vitality, Strength, and Focus to upgrade throughout the game. Depending on your class, you might choose to focus on two of those skills more. Use those 5 skill points wisely!

#1 Torchlight II Feature:


When it comes down to it – Torchlight II is flat out big.

When it comes down to it – Torchlight II is flat out big. You travel to many different towns and environments. The swamp areas have holes in the ground that shoot out fire and the desert has a bunch of traps. So you better watch out, because more than just enemies can kill you. There is a lot to do in this game. The quests never end. One day though, you will get to the final act of the game – Act III – but don’t be depressed because it takes a long time and lot of hard work to get there. Even then you will find plenty of Torchlight 2 mods to keep you busy.

Well, that was a mouthful.

Enjoy your adventures in the vast lands of Torchlight II everyone. If you pick the panda or the headcrab as your pet, you won’t regret it!