Do you only play games with a good story?

Not to worry - Tim Schafer has returned!

Broken Age has one of the best stories of 2014 and it's all thanks to the numerous features that make the game really come to life. Whether or not you know of Tim Schafer, his adventure games are legendary.

This time he has returned with a point-and-click adventure game that has as much charm as Barney in How I Met Your Mother. This would be the time to get acquainted with his games if you haven’t already.

The team behind this crafted a game with features that will keep the player in their seat from beginning to end and it’s only Act I! (Act II coming soon)


#6 Backpack Inventory

I haven’t seen an inventory system that works so smoothly in a long time. Granted, a game such as Skyrim has an inventory that works, but it can feel overwhelming. My only gripe with the game is that I wish you could combine items more. Double Fine took the ‘keep it simple’ approach with Broken Age. There aren’t hundreds of items to collect, but there is enough that you want to search every corner of the world until you find them all.

The best part is – you don’t even need to worry about dropping items.


#5 Strategy/Puzzles

It’s enjoyable when a game presents you with a puzzle of some sort that isn’t totally obvious. Luckily, the puzzles aren't frustrating either, saving us from destroying our PC with a baseball bat. Every time I wasn’t sure about something, I could backtrack and figure out a way to reach a place that was blocked in some way. There is no restarting and there is always a way out – a good combination.

There really is no reason to look up a guide with this game, like you would with the God of War games (I might be the minority in that, but those games have difficult puzzles). Also, the game makes it clear which items to use out of your inventory. This makes the gameplay experience that much more pleasurable.

P.S. If you must look up a guide because you don't like to think, I won’t cry myself to sleep. You can do what you wish.


#4 Dialogue Choices

A huge part of Broken Age is dialogue. When you walk up to someone, you will have a conversation that is more than just “Hi,” so be prepared.

What you say will come with a different response almost every time (except when you say goodbye, which is repeated). One nice thing about the dialogue is that if you don’t want to talk to someone, you can opt out by clicking outside the dialogue box and continue on the adventure, though be warned, you might miss some hints about what you’re supposed to do next.  If you don’t want to listen to an NPC, you can skip it too with that trusty spacebar.

The dialogue itself is so quirky and funny, it makes you enjoy every second with the characters and helps you learn a lot about them.


#3 Relationships

As you embark on the journeys of Shay and Vella, you will encounter many characters and create many bonds with them. Each one has their own characteristics and background that they will tell you about as you ask them. This makes for a much more intimate experience.

Shay and Vella clearly have different feelings about each of the characters they speak to. You will learn more about these feelings through the dialogue and their facial expressions.

Don’t forget that all-star voice cast!


#2 Multiple Narratives

You play as two different characters with two different storylines, Shay and Vella. The game allows you to switch between each one whenever you want, but I recommend just completing one at a time and not getting confused by switching in the middle of one of their stories. Each narrative is different and alike at the same time. There are twists and turns in the stories that will have you craving for Act II.

*The game is split into two acts and Act I is the only one available at the moment.


#1 Immersion

Yes, we have made it to the #1 feature that makes this game awesome.

The best part about a game like Broken Age is that you could play it for hours and hours and still want more. I remember playing so many games that forced me to just eat lunch/dinner in my room and my family wouldn’t understand where I was. To be honest, I didn’t even know where I was half the time because I was entranced in these games.

Broken Age has the same effect. The only saving grace/issue with Broken Age is that it’s short compared to a game like Mass Effect 2 that causes you to miss meals with family. Broken Age will let you get lost in it’s beautiful world and then let your parents know that you are alive right after it’s all done.

The age of storytelling is certainly not broken.

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