Far Cry 4 will come out on November 18th! I can’t wait so I thought I would share some thoughts on what I’ve seen thus far.

#5 Graphics

Far Cry 3 is a beautiful game on consoles and PC so it really is incredible how much next-gen technology makes Far Cry 4 look new and improved. The game looks as if you really are in the Himalayas. Even the grass swaying in the wind looks better somehow. I played Far Cry 3 on my PC with a somewhat-small monitor. Playing Far Cry 4 on a huge screen with a PS4 sounds like a dream. All I can say is that I hope we are all totally lost in the world of Far Cry 4 when it arrives. Don’t get too lost though, because unfortunately/fortunately we don’t live inside a video game.

#4 Roaming Animals

I don’t know about you guys, but I loved swimming out in the middle of the ocean to find sharks to battle in Far Cry 3. Not to mention the crazy variety of wildlife there is throughout the island itself. Now, we have the opportunity to search the Himalayas for new species and did I mention elephants? You can ride elephants! Not only can you ride them, but it also turns out that they’re killing machines. Imagine finding an elephant to jump on and then just bursting through the gates of a fortress and ramming everything in your path. It’ll be a nice stress reliever.

Don’t worry – I’m not a psychopath – I only ride bloodthirsty elephants in video games.

#3 Gliding

I’ll be honest, when I heard the wing suit is back, I felt a little concerned until I saw gameplay with it. In Far Cry 3 I had a bit of trouble controlling it, but here it looks much easier -  if it wasn’t already easy for everyone (like me) - and just plain fun. I really loved gliding in general in Far Cry 3. Now we can all glide through the mist of the mountains in spectacular fashion whilst playing Far Cry 4. Thrill-seekers alike can also get their fix with this game if they’ve never flown through mountains with nothing but a parachute on their backs.

#2 CO-OP

When in doubt, call a friend.

In Far Cry 4, it is always cool when you can play missions with any owners of the game, but now you can just ask anyone on your friends list to jump in and help. As far as I know, this is the first time in the history of video games that this has been a possibility. No, they can’t help you with single player missions, but they can help in side quests or just to blow stuff up. I can’t wait to ask one of my friends (who will be insane not to buy this game) to help me out, and I hope you can’t either.

Top Far Cry 4 Feature

#1 Open World

I’m sure the story will be just as good, if not better than, Far Cry 3’s. But let’s face it, the main reason to play this game is going to be the freedom of the open world. You can do anything you want at any time. It’s just a paradise. Even if you prefer a linear game that forces you to go in one direction all the time (I love those too), you will still enjoy the openness of the world as you travel from quest to quest. There will be hours of driving, flying, gathering, fighting, and more.  It will be a blast!

I hope everyone enjoys the read and can barely contain him or herself, like me, awaiting the arrival of Far Cry 4.