Announced at last years VGX, No Man's Sky, is the next step in open worlds and exploration as space for once isn't the final frontier. Developed and published by Hello Games, No Man's Sky allows the player to explore by foot and by air an entire begin with. This open ended game allows a player to begin small and work up to expand and explore to literally limitless proportions in this procedurally built world. 

No Man's Sky - by Hello Games

The idea of an increasing and open world isn't the only thing that this game boasts. No Man's Sky also has a dogfight combat system for when you are exploring the greater depths of space. To get to space, you will also need to work hard to gather cash and resources to be able to improve your ship for the longer journeys and battles. While this can be done as a single player experience there is also the ability for some social multiplayer functions. 

#4 Open World

No Man's Sky features procedural world generation (like Minecraft on steroids). At the beginning of the game, you find yourself on a planet that has been randomly created for you. You wander around the world that is made just for you but, unlike Minecraft where everything happens on one plane (excluding mods), you explore and manage a space ship which will allow you to take to the skies.

View From Beneath the New Eridu Ocean

This is when No Man's Sky's world generation really goes into overdrive as now you are in space, and entire planets are being randomly generated around you. You could fly in one direction and continue flying that way indefinitely, keeping in mind to, at least, ensure that you don't end up driving straight into a planet. 

The procedural generation used to occur based on the use of a 32-bitnumber generator but, since the initial announcement of the game, Hello Games has upgraded to using a 64-bit number generator. This now means that as you continue to explore, there is a potential of 18 quintillion different variants of planets to be created, ready and waiting for you to explore. Planets won't be the only features that are created in the sky as you roam; other space ships will fly by, you will have to dodge asteroid belts and who knows what else Hello Games has added since their original reveal. According to Hello Games, "hundreds of new procedural systems.. have made the universe explode with new alien creatures, amazing geological formations and vegetation patterns, pirates and wingmen." 

#3 Making Money

The only real problem with being able to explore all of these fascinating planets and events in space is that you need to get there, and you must be able to stay there (some planets may be quite hostile). When you start on your first planet you will not be able to head to the stars immediately. In order to get a ship that is able to travel you will need to get money first. You can get money through various activities such as gathering planetary resources, trading with NPC's, combat or piracy. 

Your Space Craft With Ice Covered Mountains in the Distance

This money can be used to upgrade the ship that you already have. These upgrades will provide such benefits as getting extra range on how far your ship can travel. While you are only allowed a small area to fly at the beginning, the modifications and upgrades purchased using money will allow you to explore and see more wondrous and random worlds. The greatest part in all of this procedurally built world is that there is no loading. You, as a player, will be able to move from solar system to solar system and never have to worry about having to wait for a progress bar to fill. 

#2 Combat 

The combat in No Man's Sky, like the rest of the game, has some components that are on land and some that are in the air. On land, you will get to explore and discover a variety of different animals. In the recent E3 trailer for No Man's Sky we see the player walk by dinosaur-looking creatures, and all of the creatures you run across can be hunted.

A First Person View of Space Combat From the Cockpit of your Ship

The E3 trailer continues as the player leaves the world and instantly begins a dog fight in space. The craft in the trailer is outfitted with a machine gun, as well as rocket launchers. If there's one key point Hello Games is trying to stress, it's that "No Man's Sky is a game without limits." It's assured that, with all of the available upgrades and modifications available for your ship, there will be many different ways to fight. 

#1 No Man's Sky Feature:

The Social Aspect

While not containing a traditional multiplayer mode, No Man's Sky features a social aspect too. As you explore further and further you will find strange and wonderful planets. But what use is finding these wonderful locations if you are unable to share it with a friend?

Two Space Ships in an Alien Plain Biome
The answer to that is a way to share planets with friends, though not many specifics have been shared it has been announced that you will be able to select a planet from your world and another player will be able to add it into their own world. For a game that is boasting 18 quintillion worlds this will surely be a way to get to see some of the best of them. 

No Man's Sky will be released worldwide in 2015 and will be released as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4 but will then be brought to Microsoft Windows.