Evolve is the new game coming from the creators of the Left 4 Dead franchise, Turtle Rock Studios, and being published by 2K games. This class based first person shooter allows players to choose to be one of the four Hunters whose mission involves taking out a Monster that is delaying the colonies' efforts on a new planet named Shear. To keep things intresting, Evolve features multiple characters to choose from in each class type, each with their own backdrop and abilities. Alternatively a player can also choose to be one of the mighty monsters and fulfil one of two objectives: destroy a human base or wipe out all four of the hunters.

Evolve - by 2K Games

Evolve was first mentioned when it’s original publisher, THQ, filed for bankruptcy. Its name appeared on THQ’s filing and the publishing rights were then purchased by 2K games, and it was only in February 2014 that the first details about this game were divulged. Features such as the large scale maps, the importance of the class system and the new take on multiplayer having a 4v1 setup.

#3 Big Maps

Evolve Features - Big Maps

Turtle Rock Studios have described the maps for Evolve as being on the same scale of Battlefield 4 maps. This size is necessary because one of the main parts of the game, aside from the fight between the Hunters and the Monster, involves the Hunters' role to track down the Monster as soon as possible. Depending on which side of the fight you play, you have a different objective and the map may help or deter you on fulfilling that.

For the Hunters, as you are trying to track down the Monster, you need to also keep an eye out for any of the Creatures that may also be dwelling in the surrounding area that may attack you. As a Hunter, you need to keep fighting against these creatures in order to get to the Monster as soon as possible, with as much health as possible.

The Monsters' goal is not just to seek out the Hunters, but to find other creatures to devour so that you are able to unlock each of the different states for your Monster in order to evolve. Each monster will be able to eat creatures at any time, but getting to the highest level possible, before the Hunters find you, will be an essential part of the game.

#2 Classes

Each team will have a Trapper, Assault, Support and Medic

The group of Hunters that Evolve features will always be made up of four different classes and those classes are extremely important. Each team will have a Trapper, Assault, Support and Medic. The Assault, Support and Medic class represent the classic types of FPS classes that you are used to, but when it comes to getting to the Monster, it is the job of the Trapper that is most important. The Trapper is able to see the footprints of the monster so that he can lead the rest of the team to where the Monster is. Once there, the trapper must lay down the mobile arena to create a force field in order to trap the Monster with the Hunters. From there, the Assault class will deal damage, the Support class will back him up and the Medic class will make sure everyone remains healthy.

There will be 4 different monsters, and each of them will require a different play style. The classes of the monsters revealed so far are the Goliath and Kraken. Even between these two classes you can see major differences. The Goliath has a raised defense and is a close quarters fighter, meaning you need to really get into the middle of the fight to start dealing heavy damage to the hunters. The Kraken, on the other hand, is able to fly and can fight from afar, so you have no need to get too close to the Hunters to deal damage.

#1 PvP - 4v1

it could be this kind of change that multiplayer games have been waiting for

The idea behind the 'four players vs one player' is one that brings a lot of intrigue as to how well this concept will work. Before Evolve, the thought of 4v1 co-op was unheard of, but it could be this kind of feature that multiplayer games have been waiting for. A much needed change to the basic formula. This is a feature that everyone is most excited to try out, but it could lead to issues with balancing (i.e Monsters may be too powerful, or someone may uncover the winning combination of Hunters) then it could spell trouble.

This PvP setup could also create an interesting new mindset to players who are not used to being on unbalanced and differently numbered teams. While playing one of the Hunters, a player may begin to feel overconfident because of the odds, and may charge ahead, only to find that numbers aren’t everything. On the other hand, the Monster player may feel scared to take an offensive approach as there are so many Hunters. It's these kinds of dynamics created by that will add the most to the experience. This uneven PvP that Evolve features seems like it may already be the next big thing, as other games (such as Fable: Legends) are running with the idea of banding together with friends to fight a single foe. This experience may very well be something that appeals to gamers on a level that Turtle Rock never expected.

Evolve will be released by 2K Games on February 10th 2015 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, there will also be an Xbox One exclusive beta that will start on the 15th of January 2015.