This list of the best Online RPG games has been generated by GameCupid, which has broken down and evaluated every feature that is in Online RPGs. Therefore, the games on this list truly are the very best Online Role Playing games as every feature has been taken into account! If you're a fan of Online RPGs delve into this list!

In most cases, the feature that creates the most attraction to RPGs is the vast amount of character progression that is available. As players progress through the game, they will be able to watch their character grow as they gain new skills, abilities, weapons and armour. RPGs let players mold their character to suit their own specific playstyles. They allow you to develop a character that you can become attached to. What's even better is that you can do this with friends!

The real beauty of Online RPG games, is that they allow you to experience the game’s story alongside your friends. Every adventure you go on, or every feat you achieve, you will be able to share with others. Some games may even require large groups of players to band together in order to take down the toughest opponents in the game, or compare skills as you fight against each other in large Player vs Player combat. Online RPGs create situations where players from around the world are able to form friendships and experience the game together from the comfort of their own basement, which makes them feel a lot less lonely compared to other games.

If you want a game with deep character progression that you can enjoy alonside friends, check out this list of GameCupid’s top Online RPG games and let us know what you think!