Everyone loves an adventure: it's why we travel, watch movies, read books and, of course, play video games. This list has been generated by GameCupid's clever game suggestion engine, which has searched for the 25 best Online Adventure Games.

These games will be chock full of exploring which can be done alongside your friends. The most important part of an adventure game is finding out new and exciting things about the world you've been thrust into... And of course you'll get your hands on a few weapons along the way to liven things up abit.

The games on this list will let you search every nook and cranny for things that will help you on your journey, items of interest, and things that are simply really interesting. If you enjoy taking time to look around and take in the beauty of a game world, you'll love the games on this list..

These games will also provide you with a rich story to follow. If you love a story with lore and a rich history, and many subplots just waiting to be tied up, then these online adventure games are for you.

You can expect to find many fascinating characters, creatures, environments and stories in these adventure games. If your the kind of gamer that loves this, pick a game from this list of the Best Online Adventure games and prepare to dive deep into the world that's been presented to you.