Do you dream of conquest, or deciding the fate of nations with your swift and cunning tactical mind? No need to go conscripting the neighbourhood pets into your legion of terror: GameCupid's game discovery engine has generated this list of the 25 best military strategy games to put you in command of an army, without subjecting the world to the horrors of Fluffykins the Bloody.

Military strategy games are one of the earliest and most enduring ways for gamers to really play how we want. Despite recurring "rock, paper, scissors" systems encouraging certain strategies over others, the field has always been wide open for us to experiment with units and find our own way. You can turtle up as you prepare for a single crushing strike, harass enemy supply lines to wear them down, eclipse your foes' research to gain an all-round tactical edge, streamline your economy to continuously churn out units... these are just a few strategies you can pursue, and countless others wait to be discovered.

As war has existed since humans were clobbering each other with mammoth bones, few genres have as much diversity of setting as military strategy games. Whether leading Ancient Rome to bloody glory, defending medieval castles from barbarian hordes, rolling out battalions of tanks as B-52 bombers block out the sun, matching wits with advanced alien races or slaying armies of orcs by the thousand, aspiring military strategists are truly spoiled for choice.

So stop strapping bayonets to pomeranians, because if you want to conquer the world, this list of games will keep you satisfied for a very long time.