38 Games Like Watch Dogs

At first glance, other games like Watch Dogs offers you the sort of experience you would expect to be rapidly churned out by Rockstar, Volition or their mimicries. You perform crimes, run from the police, steal cars and carry a copious number of guns. However, what helps similar games stand out is how they rework these ideas and adapt them as needed. Just because they stick closely to the typical skeleton of a genre doesn't mean, they don't have something fun to add. As a result, what seems like the same song and dance everyone has seen a hundred times over, can often come with a twist to help it stand out. Rather than out-and-out brawls or engagements, games like Watch Dogs are the sort which always want you to be thinking. The environments are always littered with things to turn to your advantage at a moment's notice. Like so many similar games, you can find something explosive to lead enemies into, but you can also time exactly when and how it detonates to inflict the most damage. This can be anything from a fuel barrel to a gas pipe, and you can even find ways to get about this without drawing undue attention. After all, if you hack the nearby CCTV and disable the phone lines, any police response is going to be sluggish at best. This is the great thing about other games like Watch Dogs, as there's always a way to think your way out of a situation. There is still nothing to stop you going in guns blazing, or performing the kind of wanton destruction which would make Tommy Vercetti proud, but you can more actively plan your operations. Yet, despite this, the fact you can pin down the exact movements of your enemies or even rework the environment in your favour means you have to go truly think about your actions. You need to truly look at how you wish to implement each weapon to best overcome a superior force, giving a fantastic tactical edge to the rampant violence. Better yet, games similar to Watch Dogs always ensure that you're never strapped for content thanks to their mimigames. Accessed in this case from your phone, these offer a distraction from the more heavy going or intense battles of the game, and grant the player the opportunity to simply cut loose. If you want rampant destruction on a massive scale, the Spider Tank minigame permits you to lay waste to a city Kaiju style. Equally, if you wish for rampant vehicular homicide without repercussions, Madness sees you literally powering your car with the souls of those you run down. Like so many similar games, the moment you begin to tire of the core experience, simply entering one of these outings is enough to truly refresh the experience within a few minutes. If you seek a lengthy tale of revenge spanning a vast region, or a distinctly unique spin on older open world game ideas, then delve into one of the games like Watch Dogs listed below.

Games Like Watch Dogs