38 Games Like The Walking Dead

Game Cupid's advanced game matching engine has generated the list of games like The Walking Dead that is shown below. Games in this list will place the player in a troubled and possibly zombie infested world, where the player will struggle to survive, just like in The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead features a strong story element along with quicktime and dialogue events that will shape the events and outcome of the game.

The Walking Dead is a five part game series that is based on The Walking Dead comic book and TV series. The Player assumes the role of a convicted criminal who must try and survive in a devastated world infected with undead. Throughout the game, the player will constantly need to make tough decisions that will ultimately play a huge part in the outcome of the game along with the relationships that exist between survivors. The player must consider every choice they are presented with carefully, as they could be the difference between living another day or death.

The games like The Walking Dead that are listed on this page have been chosen by a clever algorithm that evaluates the features that exist in The Walking Dead and then compares them to every other game on the site to find games with similar features. What makes this list of games like The Walking Dead so accurate is that all features are tagged to the game by the people that know the game best. If you wish to help make the list more accurate, head over to the Contributor Portal

Games Like The Walking Dead