38 Games Like Virtual Villagers 5

What would you do if you were given ultimate power? What sort of path would you forge for yourself, and how would you reshape the world around you? These are questions games often ask, subtly and openly, to any player who picks them up, but a few are more literal than others. These are games like Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers, which puts you in the position of a minor god with all the miracles and curses you can expect. What separates other games like Virtual Villagers from many other goddessy style stories is their scale and how they choose to impact the player. The first reaction many developers have upon offering a gamer godhood is to grant them control of a whole world, but these ones offer a glimpse of events on a smaller scale. While this might sound like a step back at first glance, such an outing offers a more personal touch. You don't know the names of those you immolate as you slake your divine wrath or feed when you turn water to wine in some games. Nor do you know the faces of those whose lives you rule. By narrowing down this scope to a small village, populated only by a few dozen folks at most, you notice how your powers have far more impact day after day. Even without this strange benefit however, games like Virtual Villagers 5 also rework many abilities and ideas until you have to more carefully choose how to best use them. You can only do so much even while breaking the laws of physics, and the villagers themselves will only follow certain orders. Often, instead, they will carry out their own lives or tasks, and it is up to you to encourage them to do otherwise and build them up to a position of strength. So, you can put a man outside a hut with a hammer, but he might not start to fix the great hole in the side of it. No, you need to push them in just the right way, encouraging them until they start to develop the skills needed to perform the tasks you want finished. The way in which you personally become involved with games like Virtual Villagers 5 stems from the aforementioned powers. While you cannot specifically order a person about, you can encourage them to have faith in you or even force a hostile entity to switch sides. Each villager slowly becomes an extension of your own power, but how you choose to use that is still entirely down to you. They're either loving worshippers following your every will, or victims trapped in the grip of a tyrannical ethereal overlord. The choice is yours. If you want a game which grants you divinity without losing a sense of meaning, if you want a game where you must coax others into following your directives rather than simply making orders, then take a look at a few of the titles below of games similar to Virtual Villagers 5.

Games Like Virtual Villagers 5