38 Games Like Unturned for PS4

Few sub-genres in gaming have seen the success of zombie survival simulators. Even if you have never personally played it, you immediately know the exact kind of game they are. The sort which forces you to forage about for food and supplies, to hunt for resources and challenge other players for dominance, even as the undead continue to encroach upon you territory. Other games like Unturned seek to change the formula slightly, tweaking it until you are not simply surviving, but gradually rebuilding.

At its core, many of the mechanics are effectively what you would expect them to be. Scouring the ruins of a dead society, hunting through the decaying buildings of one town after the next, you seek to survive one more day. Bullets are rare and guns will often attract the undead, meaning you’re left relying upon more rustic weaponry and your own skills at crafting new items. While this all certainly sounds familiar, games like Unturned take it that step further by letting you team up with other people and work towards something bigger. One person can look after themselves with the right tools, after all, but a dozen working towards the same goal can create a stronghold against the constant threat of zombies. While you can certainly compete against other players, you’re given just as many reasons to team up and establish your own towns to benefit one another.

Other games like Unturned even push things that bit further by stepping beyond simple scavenging. A group can only live off of stolen supplied for so long after all, and sooner rather than later they will need to begin building something anew. As such, you are given tools to start living off of the land, from establishing farm to breeding animals to be butchered, and even things beyond this. Even if you don’t have the right items on hand, the trading system found within the game allows travellers to pass items from one person to the next for a price. Or, assuming you don’t want to leave your warmongering ways completely behind, you can even double cross players, pillaging and burning everything in your path as you establish a new pecking order.

What often sets games like Unturned apart from many of their contemporaries is their ability to think outside the box. While many zombie survival releases stick to urban or farmland locations, the sorts of places we have seen too many times to count, the odd one will throw something new into the mix. This is the case here, where exploration can yield more than a few oddities, such as wrecked submarines for you to raid and even the odd abandoned airstrip, with all the goods you might hope for. Reaching them is a real challenge, but the rewards always speak for themselves.

If you are not tired of zombies and desire a game with a little more freedom, or you simply want the option to do more than endure the zombie apocalypse, then have a look below at the list of games similar to unturned.

Games Like Unturned for PS4