38 Games Like Ultima Online

Every game promises the player a world of possibilities, where someone can accomplish almost anything. Despite this, few truly reach such lofty heights, with most limiting themselves to more controlled or focused styles of gameplay. For a realm of true opportunities, a place where a player can accomplish anything with the right amount of planning and dedication, you have to look at this list of other games like Ultima Online. The true beauty of games which follow Ultima Online’s example lies in their hidden complexity. While they lack the innate flashiness of more modern releases, each more than makes up for it with complex mechanical control and the sheer variety of careers you can follow. While it is possible that you could roam the land armed with nothing but a blade at your side, others can earn their pay as merchants, craftsmen or stranger things still. You can certainly spend evening after evening raiding dungeons, and pave your way in life by pillaging the corpses of monsters, but the broader social aspect permits players to truly choose what path they wish to follow. Many ideas and abrupt developments found within games like Ultima Online stem less from the developer’s ideas than the core community. While other releases will try to make a player special by having them decapitate an old god, such a moment loses its magic when you realises almost everyone in the game has done the same thing. Instead, almost all things present here are brought about by the decisions of the players. Did someone raid a village, slaughtering the populace en mass? Those weren’t NPCs on each side, everyone involved was a player in this game. Did a wizard accidentally unleash a dragon he was taming on a hapless city? That wizard isn’t merely a quest giver, he is someone sitting behind a keyboard just like you. This ensures that the developments, twists and economy of the world has far less of an artificial quality to them, and even joining for a ten minute burst of gameplay could see you bumping into something wholly unique. It also helps games like Ultima Online that the core combat system has been built to reflect the wealth of choice it offers. Not everyone can repair their own blades or craft new arrows, and few can brew the right potions or prepare spells in the middle of battle. You simply can’t accomplish everything, and much of what you might take for granted elsewhere has to be truly earned with these games. As such, while the ever popular “hit troll with sword until it falls” choice remains an option, you can accomplish far more by merely branching out and selecting a few more careers atop of it. If you desire a truly open world, a realm built upon classic gameplay aesthetics and ideas forgotten by too many titles today, take a look below at games with similar features to Ultima Online.

Games Like Ultima Online