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The mistake so many developers make with multiplayer releases is ensuring everyone is equal. While this can help certain titles, the requirement to have everyone play the same way, carry out the same tactics and lack any wildly different roles often robs them of that fun spark born of complex teamwork. Thankfully games like Transformice sidestep this issue entirely thanks to the stark divide between players, by allowing one to effectively play god. Everyone here has the same goal, the same objective and ultimately the same overall methods of approaching it. You need to get one object from point A to point B, and you win by being the first to pull this off. However, the mob of players can only accomplish so much on their own, and require someone else to lead them there. While each has their own skills the "shaman" leading the lot of them by setting down objects in their path. The sheer variety of items which can be set down is one key strength of these types of games. You can use a log to build a bridge, set down a set of balloons to carry groups to their objective and back, or even dam up fast flowing rivers. Depending upon how you want it all to end, you can either ensure everyone escapes alive, or relentlessly back-stab your entire team to ensure only you emerge victorious. Betrayal is a key part of games like Transformice, as there can ultimately be only one winner in the end. While you might need to work together, only a single person can achieve that almighty goal of trying to co-ordinate the horde of players in overcoming the odds. While the shaman will always have an edge in this regard, every player is capable of performing such acts. This can be accomplished by having vital components fail at the right moment, or more subtle forms of sabotage like having bridges collapse under the strain of so many bodies. Thankfully, while you will lose time and time again, no single game is worthless. The closer you are to achieving your goal or the close you come to succeeding in killing your entire team, the more experience you will earn. The more experience you earn, the more points you can drop on powers as a shaman or skills to let your rodent personally clamber past obstacles on his lonesome. Thanks to this, even when you are losing time and time again, you never feel as if you are banging your head against a brick wall, and you will get something out of even the worst loss. If you desire a game of near total chaos among friends, and can find utter hilarity in the best plans going horribly wrong, then take a look at the similar games to Transformice below.

Games Like Transformice

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