38 Games Like TERA

The list of games like TERA shown below has been generated by Game Cupid's game discovery engine. The majority of these games are MMOs that will allow you to develop your character using different skills, weapons, armour, attributes and classes as you progress deeper into the game. It is this depth of character progression that made the MMO genre so popular. These TERA alternatives also posses in depth character progression. This list will also contain some free to play alternatives to TERA.

TERA features numerous unique races and classes. Players must choose one of these races before they begin their adventure in the exapnsive world. Players may choose to explore an expansive game world, complete quests for npc characters, join a guild with other players to hunt down mob bosses and claim epic loot, or partake in a number of PvP events to prove your strength.

Other games like TERA listed here have been selected by a clever little algorithm that compares and evaluates features in TERA and finds other games with similar features. What makes our similar games to TERA so accurate is that features are tagged to our games by the people who know them best. If you wish to further improve our list of games like TERA, head over to the contributor portal

Games Like TERA