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Sub Rosa is a multiplayer first-person shooter about tense deals, double-crosses, and the occasional high-speed car chase. The game is currently in an alpha testing stage and is not widely available for purchase. Please follow @SubRosaGame on Twitter for news as it develops.

Multiple corporations vie for money and power by taking control of different colored disks through clean trades or bloody acquisitions. Both cash and disks are immensely valuable and allow players to purchase guns, cars, equipment, and even stock in their own company’s success from day to day. Smooth transactions and smart business practices with others can eventually lead to riches while a quick trigger and a steady aim can get you there faster as long as you're the one still standing.

Sub Rosa can be a complicated game for new players, please check out the Steam forums to for tips on playing and becoming a somebody in the city.

Choose an Employer

Players enter a server as an unemployed civilian downtown and from there can choose to align themselves with any of the city's four major organizations. Choosing an employer is done by visiting the organization's home base while the manager is present. From there employees can purchase weapons, ammunition, items, and deposit or withdraw cash for future trades as well as receive missions to carry out with the rest of their team.

Execute Missions

Every few hours missions are updated, giving each organization a new target and goal for that time period. These range from trading valuable disks for cash with other organizations, pulling a heist on an office building, or tracking down a well-guarded disk in a roaming limousine. However, intentions can shift at any moment and what once was just your target might become an opportunity for a passing group of rivals or a new trade situation as money and disks change hands.

Orchestrate Deals

Organizations will sometimes find themselves assigned to trade cash for a disk possessed by a rival organization or vice versa. Employees will need to use the company's cellular phone to arrange a deal and meeting location with the intended trade partner. Successfully doing so will yield both teams a substantial profit once their target is brought back to the base but often an itchy trigger finger or empty briefcase will lead to a bloody shootout. From that point only the survivors will enjoy the spoils of a deal gone wrong.

Become Somebody

Successful trades and savvy business dealings will undoubtedly leave your wallet full of cash. Spends some of your hard earned money on fancy suits, sleek sunglasses, and fast cars or simply buy more expensive weapons to intimidate business associates. Climb your way up the real-time leaderboards so everyone knows who runs this city but don't be cheap with your fellow employees - the might turn on you if you don't pay our your fair share.

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