38 Games Like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

What is choice, without a great story or a great world to explore? While every developer these days claims to offer choice as a primary incentive, few truly get it right, and fewer still find a way to make their games stand out because of it. Often, those who succeed in making choice meaningful, only do so by giving players context to their actions, and people to give weight to their decisions. These are other games like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), where every choice you make rebuilds or ruins someone's life. Even your own. Set in such a broad and rich universe, one of the stand-out successes of games like Knights of the Old Republic stems from their characters. With almost a dozen major figures on offer as squad-mates, the developers behind these games always use it as an excuse to shed light on the setting. From orphaned rogues to monks in exile, every character has a story to tell and a different way of saying it. Many speak of events long past and hints of major things to come, while others offer insight into the criminal underworld of the galaxy. These offer a chance to learn more of the main characters and universe as a whole, while at the same time furthering the core story and building up your relationship with them. Many character dialogues, tales and decisions branch out, leading into specific mini-missions themselves. Often a character will have their own ghosts to deal with, and it is up to the player to help confront them, and choose which outcome is best. Sometimes a more ruthless approach is best, leaving you with a hardened, jaded protagonist and character, while in others the diplomatic option is ultimately the best way forwards. Of course, you can never fully predict what the long term impact of your choices might be, forcing you to truly roleplay rather than picking out the "good" or "bad" options at every turn. Atop of the stories within stories, other games like Knights of the Old Republic can always be relied upon to offer up a vast bounty of stunning locations. Some are distant dying world, gripped by an evil force while others are a beautiful planet where two factions wage a cloak and dagger war behind the scenes. With unique species to be found, cultural conflicts and character reactions, even the most linear of narratives pushes to make you feel as if you're exploring some new frontier. Each is vast enough, with so many potential options and reactions, that it will take you a hundred play-throughs to see everything; granting them that ever essential replay value for such a story driven experience. If you're looking for a game with great characters, fantastic storytelling, weighty decisions and an epic saga to forge, take a look at a few of the games similar t Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) below.

Games Like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic