Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer, space trading and combat game developed by Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen comes with three modules that work in largely different ways: Arena Commander, Star Marine, and Persistent Universe. First, there is Arena Commander, which consists of spaceship flights while performing things such as space dogfights and racing. If a group of friends wants to play together, there are modes that count with online multiplayer. Players must handle complex controls as they avoid dangerous obstacles or fight hordes of aliens. Racing also features cups like Old Vanderal, Rikkord Memorial Raceway, and Defford Link. If players want, they can also compete against each other in modes like Capture the Core and Battle Royal. Next, there is Star Marine, which plays as a competitive FPS that counts with two modes: Elimination and Last Stand. While Elimination consists of free for all matches, in Last Stand players must group and fight for the control points. Combat can happen both on the ground or in the depths of space. And lastly, there’s Persistent Universe, the most expansive module of Star Citizen. This module allows players to explore an open world infinite universe in groups. People can travel through space and participate in the activities featured in Star Marine or Arena Commander. As its development continues, SC is aiming to be a unique massively multiplayer online game. However, it's unknown how long Cloud Imperium will take to finish making this space MMO.