Sigils of Elohim

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Sigils of Elohim is a free mini-game prelude to Croteam’s upcoming
first-person puzzler The Talos Principle [1] that challenges players to solve
dozens of formidable sigil puzzles under the watchful eye of Elohim. Subjects
are tasked with deciphering a series of puzzle sets by rotating and placing
the sigil shapes within the board in an effort to unlock helpful items and
relics within The Talos Principle.

-------- FEATURES ------------------------------------------------------------

* Unravel the secrets of Elohim by completing nearly a hundred sigil puzzles
as Sigils of Elohim is updated with new puzzle sets leading up to the
launch of The Talos Principle.

* Acquire items and relics in Sigils of Elohim on PC, Mac, and Linux that
transfer over to The Talos Principle on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Linux and