Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

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The Sherlock Holmes series returns with this updated version of The Awakened,
which brings a whole new dimension to the original title developed by
Keeping with the traditional Point & Click gameplay style of the original
adventure games, The Awakened has been totally rethought, offering players a
new third-person view while keeping the original first-person view available
The game puts the player into an investigation of the myth of Cthulhu - as
imagined by author H.P. Lovecraft. Sherlock Holmes, assisted by the loyal
Doctor Watson, investigates strange disappearances which seem related to the
activity of a secret sect. The adventure begins in London, in the renowned
Baker Street, taking us to investigate a disturbing psychiatric hospital near
Bale, Switzerland, on to Louisiana and finally to Scotland.
Key Features
* 2 points-of-view available at all times: new gameplay in 3rd person,
giving a new dimension to the original game, or classic first- person
* An original confrontation between the universe of Sherlock Holmes and the
myth of Cthulhu - a fight between the rational and the supernatural.
* Rich graphics, biting dialogue, disturbing characters and an excellent
sound track create incredible turn of the century atmospheres.
* Play as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Doctor
* A new help system that shows the interactions available (objects and
* Interact with more than 60 characters in 5 disturbing universes.
* Use and combine more than 50 objects, and discover hundreds of clues and
documents to carry out the investigation to its final outcome.