One of the classic online multiplayer games, RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed by English developer Jagex. Its setting is the medieval realm of Gielinor. Each player can choose their own objectives, but the game counts with three essential mechanics: Skills, Combat and Player Interaction. Players can perform various activities thanks to a total of 27 skills, which include talents like mining, woodcutting, and cooking. To level them up, a player needs to use a skill constantly until enough experience points are gathered. Every certain amount of levels the skills will receive significant upgrades. Skills like mining and woodcutting allow the player to collect materials to sell later on. Combat is handled at a semi-real-time system, with players clicking on the enemy to attack them and then watching their character attack automatically. There are three categories of attack: melee, magic and ranged, with the whole system revolving around the Combat Triangle. Its approach is: Melee beats ranged, ranged beats magic, and magic beats melee. However, players don’t have to pick a style, as they can switch weapons constantly. Lastly, there's player interaction, which consists of participating in mini-games or trading with other. Trading plays a big role, especially in the marketplace known as the Grand Exchange. In it, most of the game's currency is constantly exchanged for rare items. After more than a decade, RuneScape is still remembered as one of the most iconic fantasy MMORPGs.