Rune Classic

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The classic Viking third-person hack-and-slash melee action game is now
available on Steam. This release, known as Rune Classic, contains the
original Rune content, plus the multiplayer expansion pack Halls of Valhalla.
Experience an exciting single player storyline where you thwart Loki and his
minions from bringing Ragnarok to Midgard that will keep you entertained for
hours. Eat meat and lizards, drink mead, as survival food. Call upon the
power of the gods to enchant your weapon with Rune powers.

-------- KEY FEATURES --------------------------------------------------------

* New enemies added
* Some levels have been redesigned for more enjoyable play
* Experience multiplayer in vicious, fun "up close and personal" melee
action with swords, maces, hammers and axes (or your opponent's head or
* Includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Arena and Headball
* Over 35 multiplayer and singleplayer levels
* All the music tracks from the game and the original audio CD will be
available as part of this release in OGG format