Created by Freejam, Robocraft is an online PvP simulator focusing on constructing war machines. The player is offered a series of building blocks to work from at the start. They are prmoptly told to construct a robot to fight other players. As the player progresses throughout the game, they will unlock more designs, weapons and parts to work from.

Rather than limiting players to a single body type, Robocraft permits them to have a multitude of starting points. The game features designs which can fly, roll into battle, walk or even hover. Each comes with their own benefits and disadvantages, such as the limited weight of airborne robots. Through this, the game allows players to constantly experiment with builds and tactics as new items become available to them. Heavily armoured artillery walkers are just as viable and effective as VTOL attack craft. The act of fine-tuning each design grants Robocraft more flexibility than what is typically found in arena combat simulators.

Robocraft also breaks up its individual components into "cubes". Each of which allows players to completely reshape a design as needed. This ensures that even robots with a similar body type will retain distinct attributes in gameplay. It also means that teams of robots can tailor make each build to wholly support one another. Robocraft remains a high speed and engaging arena shooter which rewards player creativity over simply following guides.