38 Games Like Red Dead Redemption for Android

Who doesn't love the idea of a Wild West? From the literal version to the sci-fi alternatives which so often show up, the very idea of an ever expanding frontier in the wilderness is rife with storytelling opportunities. Games like Red Dead Redemption are the ones who take advantage of this idea to its fullest, asking both "What happens when a necessity for survival clashes with civilized nature?" and "What sort of life would develop without oversight or infrastructure to support it?" Games like Read Dead Redemption go the extra mile to give the player the chance to do almost anything. You need cash to live, food to survive and a place to call home, but how you accomplish each of those is entirely up to you. From skinning pelts to robbing trains, there's no small number of viable means for you to earn your keep. Rather than simply being tacked on elements or small scale minigames however, each is fully fleshed out and integrated into the world of the game itself. So, if you want those pelts you'll need to find out who is buying what, and then uncover the best hunting grounds or means to catch them. If you want to raid trains you'll need to find out when they're leaving stations and what are the easiest places to board them. Or, if you want to take things further like swindle your way to victory through poker, you'll need to keep an eye on the skill of other players or how full their coin-purses are. Each and every time you ride into a town, other games like Red Dead Redemption always push to feature a sense of ongoing life. These aren't just NPCs you're killing much of the time, and taking out an important individual could impact the local economy. After all, how is a town supposed to maintain trade if you keep killing all the bankers and barmen, or encouraging raiders to settle in the area? Actions, no matter how small or brief, always have consequences here, and you're expected to always live with them. As gunplay is always a major part of games like Red Dead Redemption, it shouldn't surprise you that there's always a vast armoury to select your weapons from. While a few will ultimately fill out the expected tropes and categories, many others will often add an element of inventive fun into the mix. From re-purposed hunting rifles to makeshift mining explosives, you're often left with very powerful if unreliable weapons on hand. This naturally opens the way for a diverse and dynamic upgrade system in many similar games, and quite a wide variety of other weapons which fill out a similar role. Something which offers you a palpable sense of growing power as you switch out from making do with re-purposed equipment to affording full-on military hardware; or simply building something better if you have enough time and patience. If you wish to be dropped into a vast open world brimming with new opportunities, or even just solid gunplay backed by a wealth of world-building quests, then take a look below at games similar to Red Dead Redemption.

Games Like Red Dead Redemption for Android