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Create the character that YOU want to play! Play as one of three races representing Light, Darkness and the Four Elements. Choose from 15 distinct classes, ranging from monster tamers to axe-wielding battle mages. Tame and train creatures to fight at your side! Tame, raise, and evolve your pets to complement your play style. Teach your pets skills and overbreed them for maximum effectiveness. Collect a pet for every situation! Magical pixies, ferocious orcs, divine angels, and the incredible white dragon can all be yours to command. Join in on the intense PvP Action! Enjoy dynamic and strategic PVP anywhere in the world. Siege and capture dungeons in all-out guild vs. guild warfare. Enhance your character! Harvest your foes' energy and transform it into Boost Chips that increase the power of your attacks. Enchant your weapons and armor, upgrade them at the blacksmith, and socket them with soul stones to gain the advantage. Find Skill Cards and combine them to make your spells even more potent. And do it all for free!