Planet Explorers

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Backed on Kickstarter by over four thousand backers and developed by indie studio Pathea Games, Planet Explorers is a third person open world adventure game. It takes place in the year 2287 when one of the first colony ships sent into space arrives at a planet called Maria. When landing, a mysterious figure makes the ship lose control and it crashes into the planet. Survivors must explore and survive the fight against strange creatures. The game counts with tree key gameplay areas: story mode, build mode and an open-ended Adventure mode. Story mode follows the main quest alongside numerous side quests, accompanied by characters, landscapes, locations, and enemies. Lastly, Build Mode lacks any enemies and players have an infinite amount of building material. Meanwhile, Adventure mode creates a random procedural open world map with random events. Players can select the type and climate of the planet. In terms of gameplay, it mixes 3rd person action and 3rd person adventure. There are 15 kinds of minerals and hundreds of creatures, including multiple bosses and over 140 types of enemies. Planet Explorers counts with customization, like being able to create weapons, objects, buildings, and vehicles. Aside from that, there's a sandbox system which enables players to alter the terrain. Planet Explorers is one of the many third-person open-world adventure games that can be found on Steam.