38 Games Like Path of Exile

This is a list of games that are like Path of Exile. Action RPGs have always been far more violent than their turn-based counterparts. As Blizzard have proven many times over, they're quite capable of allowing a player to launch a one man slaughter of everything in their path, claiming the heads of hundreds who get in their way. This is half the fun of them, of course, allowing you to simply cut loose and hack your way through hordes of foes at a time, while still dabbling in the old favourites of RPG levelling mechanics and ability spamming. As you might expect from their genre, combat is the bread and butter of games like Path of Exile. This doesn't just use it as an excuse to tell a story or even get from one location to the next, it's the core focus from start to finish. It's your very reason for picking this game up, the skeleton everything else is built upon, and naturally it's something they almost always hit out of the park. Besides offering you a vast range of weapons from crude clubs to more exotic ranged weapons, these games ensure that you have a long and branching skill tree to delve into. Pick up an axe and you can be sure to find everything from powerful swings to whirlwind style blows, or if you wish to dabble with a bow there's always everything from multi-shot abilities to elemental attacks. Because of this range you're always able to tailor your character exactly as you need, levelling up certain weapons to just the point you need before focusing your efforts elsewhere. However, what the other games like Path of Exile excel at the most is their atmosphere and engagement. You're often cutting your way through hundreds of foes at a time, sometimes stumbling over new treasures, and all too often this could turn into a series of easy conquests. Instead, These games are always perfectly balanced to make you push that bit too far. You can be going for hours at a time, fighting with little to nothing slowing you down as you delve deeper into unknown lands, only to suddenly bump into something which can kill you in moments. Sometimes these are obvious threats you have yet to meet, but in others it's some beefier version of the minions you have been slaughtering without any issue up to this point. Such moments create a classic sense of "delved too greedily and too deeply" and always allow you to stay on edge. What's more, many treasures are hidden away in places far creepier and gorier than simple chests, giving a sense of true adventure. In fact, to find your initial starting equipment, these games put you in situations like being forced to root through a sea of decaying corpses. If you desire the opportunity to claw your way to victory, or a realm where endless challenges and glorious slaughters alike await your coming, then take a look at a few of the games below that are similar to Path of Exile.

Games Like Path of Exile