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When everything is over, when there is no society, law or even world and you need to fight every day for a last breath, your only goal is to survive one last day. Explore, hunt, be hunted, kill, destroy, build... Just do whatever you need to survive in a colorful, devastated world which the nature has taken back. -------- CURRENT FEATURES (ALPHA STAGE) -------------------------------------- * Explore procedural generated world alone or with friends. * Build and destroy. This is voxel and you can destroy every single piece of map. * Survive at any cost. You can survive by gathering resources just from the nature. * Be a scavenger, search stuff in abandoned buildings, or rob other players. * Living world. Day / night cycles with consecuences and dynamic weather system. * Dangerous world. Avoid the acid radioactive rain and try not to be struck by lightning. * Cooking. Hunt, gather and scavenge food and then cook it. * Arm yourself, you can craft basic weapons and search for the most advanced weaponry. * Create and customize your character, you can find clothes and wear them. * In-game shop (with in-game currency). * Great crafting system that keeps growing and improving every update. * Continuous development with personal support from the developer (if he's awake!) * Windows and OSX support. -------- FEATURES COMING IN VERY NEXT UPDATES (ALREADY DONE, BUT BEING TESTED) ------------------------------------------------------------- * Infinite map / large scale map support. * Weapon customization (silencers, sights...). * Huge performance optimization. -------- FEATURES CURRENTLY BEING DEVELOPED / IMPLEMENTED -------------------- * New character system allowing new actions and new weapons types. * More weapons. * Vehicles (bikes, helicopters, quads and cars). * Skills and character progression. * More enemies and wildlife. * Map events. * Xbox 360 controller support. -------- FUTURE FEATURES / ROADMAP ------------------------------------------- * Character accesories (for example, a parachute). * Campaign / story mode. * Further languages. * Enhaced multiplayer experience. * Linux support. * Offline mode. Login one time to download data, play offline as much as you want. * Whatever the community wants! *Note* This game features multiplayer, but it's still in experimental stage. It is working, but if you play this mode please make sure to report every problem that you may find! *Internet connection is required in order to login and play*

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