Neverwinter Nights

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Developed by Canadian studio Bioware, Neverwinter Nights is a third-person role-playing game based on the 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Set on the D&D campaign setting known as Forgotten Realms, players must lead their character through many adventures like looking for a cult or making a cure for a plague. Characters are created by players, and they may create one from scratch or choose a set of already made characters. In terms of character creation, things like gender, race, class, alignment, ability scores, skills, and feats can be all personalized. There is both single player and multiplayer components. Single player focuses on four chapters that develop a single storyline. Each chapter counts with quests and developing storylines. Side-quests tell the stories of various non-playable characters, and each chapter counts with many of them. Also, side-quests reward the character with more items and Experience points, each new level enhancing things even more. Combat and skills are determined randomly by dice rolls. If the 20-sided die makes the player succeed an attack, another one is rolled to determine the amount of damage. However, these dice rolls aren’t seen by the player, unless they activate the option to display it as such. In terms of the multiplayer, it allows Dungeon Masters to host different game types. Like a persistent world that counts with multiple dungeons, or combat arenas that pins players again each other. Now a well-known company, Neverwinter Nights shows how the Bioware third-person role-playing style started to develop.