Developed by Cryptic Studios, Neverwinter is an MMORPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. The story takes place in the wake of the Lord of Neverwinter's disappearance. Following several cataclysms, the city is abruptly beset by hordes of the undead. It is up to the player to discover the cause of this unrest, and set the city back on track.

The game's levelling system is largely identical to the fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Of note is the ability to divide their character between two or more classes. This allowed the player to initially pick out a main class to start with, but then to branch out into other areas. Furthermore, Neverwinter utilised the healing power mechanics and action points the system was known for. Each of which was used as a method of cycling through quests and key actions. Because of this, players accumulate more actions through constant combat.

Along with major quests, Neverwinter supported a "Foundery" system. This allowed players to build their own content. This led to the modification of quests, ongoing stories and even certain reward systems within certain areas. Thus giving the community greater control over their content. Methods were put in place to prevent the abuse of this mechanic for easy levelling, but the Foundery's existence meant that Neverwinter's endgame state could be built upon over time. Thanks to its adherence to existing Forgotten Realms lore, detailed stories and complex RPG mechanics, Neverwinter still boasts a strong community today.