38 Games Like Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Everyone loves a good mystery, especially when they are the detective. Finding a seemingly inexplicable situation, piecing together the various tidbits of info and speaking with the suspects offers the kind of non-combat orientated conflict where anything could happen. Games like Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor take these qualities to the extreme, offering players the chance to personally take control and personally resolve one such case. The key mechanics of these games hinge squarely upon your on memory and capacity to keep track of certain details. From missing pieces of the environment to odd statements by side-characters, your every task requires you to gradually assemble each clue in turn until you compile together the solution. However, this is paired up with the need for a great deal of time and patience, as it constantly hides key details and even items rooms apart from one another. You can never be sure you will find every answer for a single puzzle in one place, and backtracking remains an ever essential part of this experience. Games like Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor also rarely stick to a single idea or gameplay mechanic. While they will ultimately still adhere to a single overarching theme, each and every puzzle will constantly seek to oppose from its predecessor. While you might find that one puzzle is a patient, slow burning memory based task of completing a chess match in a minimal number of moves, the follow-up will almost certainly place an emphasis upon speed and rapid logical solutions. This prevents anyone playing from ever resting on your laurels, as the moment you think you have put together a winning approach to the overall game, it will immediate switch to another theme entirely. Some might even require knowledge beyond the norm, delving into alchemical formulas, astrology or even familial history to resolve certain questions. Those might not even be the ones you need either, and will simply lead to the questions you actually need to ask. Retaining a strong story is also key to making other games like Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor engaging with the player. For all the fun the puzzles can offer, the drama between characters, hints of older sins and even further crimes are always required to link each one together. To ultimately offer the player impetus to keep going and uncover the truth at the end of it all. Much like the puzzles, many of these will stick to certain genre conventions for a time, but this will often only serve to lull the player into a false sense of security. Rarely will you find a story so cliched that it will resort to the old "The butler did it!" trope. If you hunger for a great mystery, or merely seek a brain-teasing experience which is set to challenge your wits, then glance below at the list of similar games to Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor.

Games Like Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor

  1. Glass Wing Cover Art
    • -
    • 2015
    • From Soy Sauce LLC
      • PC (Windows)