38 Games Like MONOPOLY

Other games like Monopoly are simply the classics. They're the ones all video games were derived from, the primordial origins of all core mechanics. From the simplest of these to the most complex D&D outing, you can always see shades of other releases in the roll of each dice. Yet, despite their aged nature, there is something still compelling about experiencing the digital remakes of these old outings. Obviously the main conflict here is one of money rather than blood. You are not sending armies or hit men against one another, you're trying to simply buy out your foe until you're the last one standing. To this end, the purchase of new properties is crucial to any victory, and landing on the right one is essential to emerging victorious. From buying out high class establishments to controlling the public services you can turn anything within the small "city" to your favour. Some have beneficial positions, allowing you to quickly gain more cash when the odds are in your favour. Others instead charge more to anyone who stops by them, despite coming with a far higher price tag. The best among these options are always the services which give you more control in games like Monopoly. After all, you can charge someone all the cash you want, but it doesn't compare with the ability to control where they land on the board or cut them off from necessary resources. It's one of a large number of wild-card elements used to keep the game interesting, favouring certain players, but with a cost which will quickly become a milestone if they hit a losing streak. The other elements which keeps games like Monopoly interesting stem from the cards and the way you can influence a player's turn. Have someone pick up a chance card? They'll either walk away rich or be stripped of almost everything they own. Force them to stop in the wrong place or give them an extra dice? With some careful planning you can force them to end up in jail or on one of your more expensive properties. There's never a definitive or solid "win" option on here, merely estimated guesses and predictions to help you beat out the opposition. However, the element which everyone will remember the most when it comes to games like Monopoly is how you can turn even the most basic strengths against a person. Everyone knows that you pick up $200 upon passing go, but how easily can you nullify that? Can you make sure they lose it immediately on the following properties, or they're so strapped beforehand that it barely keeps them alive? Given the rules in some versions, you can even actively try to send yourself to jail, all the while still earning extra cash from your existing buildings, but never incurring the risk of losing money to others. The rules might be simple with these games, but they always encourage creativity. If you want something which is intelligent, risky and rewards careful damage control efforts, and gives you the opportunity to be a power mongol on a simulated tabletop, then take a look at the games below.


  1. Achron Cover Art
    • -
    • 2011
    • Hazardous Software Inc.
  2. Dark Forester Cover Art
    • -
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Morozov Sergey
  3. CRYPTARK Cover Art
    • 100%
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Alientrap
  4. WolfWars Cover Art
    • -
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Flying Interactive
  5. My Lands Cover Art
    • 20%
    • 2014