38 Games Like Minecraft

Minecraft is certainly a game known and loved by most gamers. The ability to craft and mold your very own stories in an infinitely large world of your own is a feature that has helped Minecraft gain a well deserved spot on our hard drives. Unfortunately, as with most games you can only play them for so long until you start to loose interest. Luckily GameCupid's intelligent game matching engine has found these games that share similar features to Minecraft! Give this list of games like Minecraft a read.

Minecraft is a sandbox game made entirely out of blocks that you can mine, place and craft in order to make almost anything you can think of. On top of this the world is procedurally generated and has almost no limit in size. As you can imagine this opens up some pretty huge possibilities when it comes to what you decide to make. On top of the creative side of Minecraft, there are also many survival aspects of the game. In order to survive you must constantly gather, grow or hunt for food to ensure you don't starve. You must also fight off a range of monsters and animals that will constantly threaten your existence.

Minecraft also offers Multiplayers and mod support, so you can mine, craft, explore and fight with others. Modding support ensures that you can always add something new to the game if it starts to get dry.

The games like Minecraft on this list have been selected by GameCupid's engine as they all contain features that are also in Minecraft. If you are on the hunt for an large game world with loads of possibilities in what you can build or how you survive, take a look at the list below!

Games Like Minecraft