Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

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Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor is an Action Adventure RPG developed by Monolith Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Set in the fantasy world of Middle Earth (created by Tolkien), the story is set before the event of the Lord of The Ring trilogy, and has only passing references to the more popular and established character in the franchise (apart from Gollum, which is an important NPC in the game). Infact the story is not an adaption of any of Tolkien's previous work, and is an original story set in the same world. The players are put in the shoes of Talion. A ranger on the wall which separates and protects the rest of the Middle Earth from Mordor. Talion is sacrificed by the Black Hand (The incarnation of Sauron's essence) along with his family. He is however resurrected by the ghost of Celebrimbor (the elf who created the rings) and together they attempt to thawt and stop Sauron's plan to resurrect and rebuild an army in Mordor. The game mixes running mechanics from Assassin's Creed, along with the combat mechanics of Arkham games, and lays on top of it the lore of Middle Earth. Offering a gratifying open world action adventure game set in a fantasy world full of orcs, elves, drawfs, humans and monsters. The game also offers a unique nemesis system, where enemies who escaped you, retain the scars from your previous battles, or enemies who had killed you become more powerful and taunt you when you next meet them. This entire structure is meshed into a power hiearchy tree, in which different factions of orcs, led by various leaders act as war chiefs to Sauron. Your aim as Talion, to either control them or replace them with someone you already control. These host of features coupled with an easily traversal world either on foot or on animals, the game ties in together with an excellent reinvention of Middle Earth and some amazing insights into its lore.