Magical Drop V

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Magical Drop Is Back!!!

Yes, the cult-classic returns with all the fast-paced action you expect from
the franchise, mixed with modern visuals and multi-player online experiences.

Discover (or rediscover) the magical universe with one of the three battle

* Head to Head – One vs. One
* Team Battle – Two vs. Two
* King of the Hill – Four player tournament

Or play the never release game, Ghostlop, for the ultimate gaming experience!

-------- KEY FEATURES --------------------------------------------------------

* Play as one of the 11 quirky Tarot card based characters.

* Unlock the background story of each character from the beginning of the
series or your favorite character.

* Full HD (1080P) re-drawn graphics combined with re-mixed music and new

* Three battle modes – One on One, Two vs. Two OR King of the Hill (4
player tournament).

* The first release of Ghostlop outside the arcades.