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This is a social-economic sandbox RPG, based on fantasy/steam-punk novels by
A.Pehov, yet actions in the game take place 300 years before those described
in the novels.
This is a huge, savage and realistic world without any rules. The World is
opened to any player without any limits from the very start. This is a World
of steam, valor and magic, full of risky adventures and profitable
calculations. This is a World of trade, economic wars and hard decisions.
This is a World of a magnificent, endless and free sky.

-------- FEATURES ------------------------------------------------------------

* Really huge world without loading zones. Over 30 NPC-ruled cities where
you can trade, take or offer jobs, repair your aircrafts and planes;
* True player-based world trade system, over 100 goods for trade including
currency, even Premium Gold!
* Regular game events - lottery, migration of dragons, plane races;
* Real labor market - players can officially hire other players;
* Non-class or linear skill-based character development system - decide at
any time whom you want to be: a trader, a pirate, a hunter, a farmer or a
cargo carrier;
* Flexible reputation system protecting you and your settlements in the safe
city regions;
* Construct your settlements (castles, mines, villages and other);
* Extract and process minerals (8 types of basic minerals);
* Produce weapons, ammunition and flight equipment;
* Build your ships and planes based on your own drawings;
* Improve your skills and study new ones to advance in military and
industrial spheres, to pilot new types of ships and planes and to use
heavier weapons;
* Discover, conquer or "diplomatically annex" any territories;
* Become a Governor and get rich by taxing other players on your land;
* Get 5 Premium Gold coins for every hour in the game to build aircrafts or
develop your settlements and characters.