38 Games Like Life is Strange

Below are a list of 37 games that have a similar game experience to Life is Strange. Game experience is defined by our index of the games traits which our algorhytmn uses to figure out similarities between games. For the games like life is strange, the defining traits is the story and the choices that the player can make as they journey through the narrative. Normally the story is split across various story ‘branches’ that the user chooses through dialogue choices or specific actions in the game. These story branches can also lead to alternative endings which can make the game experience feel personal to the player. When you combine all these key traits you get a list of very similar games like life is strange. Our list is all about similar game experiences so it does not discriminate towards indie games. Infact, you will find many games that you might not necessarily have heard of before, but have the same game experience of Life is Strange.

Games Like Life is Strange