38 Games Like The Last of Us

The trouble with story driven games is that some developers don't know when the plot ends and the game begins. All too often certain examples can end up with the story overriding all else in the game, it can seem almost non-existent, or it can be so heavily divided from the story that it's a separate entity. This is especially true of the more cinematic releases, which thrive on distinct characters and expensive motion capture, but games like The Last of Us prove it can produce masterpieces.

It should go without saying that these games place a heavy emphasis upon their narrative. The story is threaded throughout every level, and do far more than serve as a simple excuse to push you from one location to the next, or add in some flavour text. Instead, the one present in these games is constantly at work, with ongoing reactions, dialogue and comments from the characters. The game itself seamlessly switches back and forth between small cutscenes and gameplay to enhance this effect; something which is only augmented further by constant running commentary, conversations and occasional QTEs. You're never quite sure where one ends and the other begins, and because of its character driven qualities, it allows the story to constantly develop even during puzzles and gun battles.

The more mechanically intensive elements of other games like The Last of Us still remain extremely strong despite their unique approach to stories. In particular, they go out of their way to reflect the more harrowing experiences when it comes to close combat, especially in terms of gunplay. Simply picking up a shotgun hardly means that your character will be able to down foes with pinpoint accuracy, and more often than not sighting an enemy while on the move will be a struggle. Combined with the fact you can only take a few blows before seeing a Game Over screen encourages creativity on your part. Rather than engaging in full scale assaults against enemy groups, the mechanics allow for stealth kills, distractions and other creative means to give you an edge.

The environment itself often plays a major factor in games like The Last of Us, both in terms of narrative and core gameplay. Often dynamic and rapidly evolving, you can find yourself scaling up a cliff at one moment, only for it to shift into a tumbling avalanche at the next. Subtler and more indirect roles such as the affects winter has on an exposed character or even areas overrun with toxic monsters often arise. Each initiating some new game mechanic or element for a time. Then, atop of this, many visual elements tell a story about the location along with forewarning more intelligent players of threats as you progress forwards.

If you wish to experience a lengthy story with excellent characters, if you desire to see a man experience the worst life can throw at him but keep going, then take a look below at the list of other games similar to The Last of Us.

Games Like The Last of Us