38 Games Like Katawa Shoujo

Any relationship is a painful experience. It's no smooth easy path, no straight line, and is ever a complex roller coaster of highs and lows, of risks and rewards. Some games play this for humour, some merely as an addition, but games like Katawa Shoujo show it in its entirety. It asks you to make your choices, to endure the consequences, and then move forwards no matter the cost. As with most visual novels, the real meat of the game lies with its decisions more than anything else. At every turn you are asked to make a decision which will impact someone in some way. From those which will cause you to hurt someone despite your best efforts, to more deceptive acts which might seem inconsequential at first only to come into play later on, everything here has weight. This isn't a typical "love and hate" or "good or evil" option on every occasion, this is a question of what ripples your every action will trigger throughout the world and what sort of results you will need to live with. Of course, a story is nothing without figures to help flesh them out, and games like Katawa Shoujo have an ensemble of major characters. From a wide variety of romance choices to major secondary characters, each person you meet is defined and fleshed out, offering a chance to add variety to the tale. From those whose role it is to make the player laugh to a belittling foe, each helps to give a sense that there is a full world beyond your keyboard, and to comment upon your decisions. Some will do so positively, others negatively, some will seek revenge while others will support you. No single decision will result in the same action, and the vast number of opportunities to earn friends and enemies helps you to realise the true consequences of your every action. Because each character reacts in a different way to your every decision, games like Katawa Shoujo offer immense replay value. Because you can only follow one person's story each time, you only see a small part of a much larger world. Each and every path hides a unique detail behind the various characters, something unseen elsewhere, or even an additional piece of information which adds depth to completely unrelated stories. Even once you fully know your way around such games, the puzzle of fitting each and every piece of the story together will keep you hooked to the very end. Well, either that or the copious number of Easter Eggs often hidden within games like Katawa Shoujo. If you are willing to risk sadness in the pursuit of an engaging romance, or even desire great characters over complex mechanics, take a look at few of its similar games below.

Games Like Katawa Shoujo