While many open world action-adventure games allow players to go on the rampage, Just Cause 3 encourages it. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the plot sees the player dropped into a Mediterranean republic run by a dictatorship. Your task is to undermine and tear it down by any means necessary, with as many explosives as you want. 

Every island is dotted with small towns, large cities and even the odd oil rig. Most are armed to the teeth and heavy patrolled as well, either by the local police or a full-scale military taskforce. Culling their numbers, blowing up propaganda statues and disrupting communication between settlements is key to your success. The local dictator can't maintain an iron grip without an infrastructure to support it, after all. So, all you need to do in order to win is run from area to area, blowing up everything which looks like a threat and stealing every vehicle in sight.

Despite how it sounds though, Just Cause 3 isn't above giving players a serious challenge. Many strongholds are closer to a modern-day fortress than a simple base, and more than a few defend themselves with tactical nukes. Equally, while the average grunt is armed only with an assault rifle, the more elite troops can show up with borderline sci-fi weaponry. Thankfully, you can as well. Rather than just giving you a few normal guns, you have everything from mini-rockets you can mount on vehicles to physics-defying grapples to wrench cars off of the ground.

Just Cause 3 is a reminder that sometimes open world carnage is the best kind of release.