Infinity Blade

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Developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, Infinity Blade was a blend of RPG and fighting game mechanics. The story followed a lone figure advancing through hordes of foes, learning more of his past and the mystery surrounding his life. This led to a greater crisis and a powerful threat from figures who had been prominent in his previous life.

The main mechanic of the game was its sword slashing system. The player advanced along a linear path, running into enemies and overwhelming them in singular duels. In these, the player would need to break their guard and overwhelm them through a combination of rapid strikes and carefully timed attacks. Ducking beneath a swipe or parrying a blow would create openings allowing the player to slash away at exposed weak points. However, enemies could use the same tactics to their advantage. With a broad range of weapons, speeds and attacks styles, each one followed a distinctly different pattern.

The more RPG focused elements of Infinity Blade emerged through its use of power-ups and equipment. Certain super moves could stun enemies, restore health or inflict considerable damage with one slash. However, as these were limited to a recharge time, they could not be so readily used as standard strikes. Along with this, the player's additional items and attributes could be boosted via loot discovered while traversing about the game's levels. Through these, Infinity Blade offered an elegant balance between fighting and RPG genres.