38 Games Like Infamous Second Son

Infamous: Second Son was developed by Sucker Punch Productions and it continues the third person open-world action adventure principles of the two previous titles. Its story begins years after the ending of the previous game in the series. The protagonist is Delsin Rowe, a young adult that has superpower abilities like the power to manipulate concrete, video, neon, and paper. The main antagonist is Department of United Protection, which is trying to capture every superpowered person like him. As such, Delsin must free the districts that are controlled by the D.U.P. To do so, Delsin must complete activities and then complete a challenge called District Showdown. The player also has many ways to improve his elemental skills, like doing main missions to unlock new elements or acquiring the Blast Shards that are scattered throughout the open world. He can also climb walls in a parkour fashion and travel through the world at superhuman speeds. Second Son also has a morality system, as players can decide to either do good actions or bad actions in the story and during regular gameplay. These acts influence the outcome of moments in the story and eventually unlock a special finishing move. Combat consists of basic fights against the D.U.P, and the player can fire elemental projectiles or use melee attacks to incapacitate foes. Praised for its graphics and dynamic combat, Infamous: Second Son is one of the best received third-person open-world action adventure games in the PlayStation 4.

Games Like Infamous Second Son