House of 1,000 Doors - Family Secrets

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A young bride who lost her husband in a gruesome accident refuses to leave a
A sculptor who disturbed his wife's grave is suffering in a wintry hell.
And a young girl who posed for a cursed portrait haunts the charred remains
of her father's studio.
When the dead cannot find release, the House of 1000 Doors appears at
locations around the world to serve as a portal for gifted individuals to
help them. What secrets do these souls share with Kate Reed, a struggling
writer hoping to recapture her past success? These lost souls cannot move on.
To save them, you must guide Kate between these mind-bending worlds as you
explore the House of 1000 Doors.
* Tormented souls imprisoned in a netherworld cry out to the living for help
in this Collector's Edition of HOUSE OF 1000 DOORS FAMILY SECRETS that
includes additional plot lines, and integrated strategy guide and more!
* Explore stunning locations and discover the dark secrets of the Lancaster
family as you delve into the supernatural on your quest for the truth in
this compelling mystery.
* When the dead cannot find release, they beckon to an unlikely medium to
pass between the spirit world and our own to free them from their twisted
past lives and the endless horror that they cannot escape.
* What secret do all these souls share? Pass between all the mind-bending
worlds when you enter the House of 1000 Doors to find out.