38 Games Like Hotline Miami

In every game, perfection is everything. It doesn't matter what genre you're delving into or even what era, but the opportunity to get your score just that little bit higher, to bear that boss just a second faster, is what keeps us coming back. The games like Hotline Miami exemplify this, trimming the fat from a work until you are left with a cluster of snap-second decisions to rapidly crush a horde of enemies or die wallowing in your own gore for the slightest error. Such games strip down retro era concepts to their barest essentials, before rebuilding them as a better experience. Many classic tropes and essential gimmicks remain true here. You play as a single hero navigating vast levels, incapable of taking more than a scant few hits and relying heavily upon power-ups to accomplish your tasks. Yet, unlike what you would expect from that fleeting description, games like Hotline Miami concentrate this and alter the rules they are set by. In this particular case, it alters the expected pixel-art arena environments until every stage is a gauntlet. You can die a hundred times over to any foe, and mistakes are rewarded only by a swift and bloody death. To fully overcome and complete each stage, you are required to rapidly alter tactics on the fly and repeatedly kill foes with pinpoint precision before they can react. While brutality is encouraged, there is nevertheless an innate stealth aspect to the gameplay. Merely charging into a dozen enemies will result in a swift decapitation, and as a result you are required to treat this as a less of a chainsaw massacre than a spec ops assault. Scouting out the building before tackling a small number of foes at a time really is the only way to go, before following it through with a rapid and extremely gory assault. You have to strike an exact balance between adrenaline fueled reactions and a predator’s patience to get anywhere in the game. Yet, even then, the slightest overlooked detail can rob you of an imminent victory. Even as you begin to comprehend the rules of the insane world you have been dropped into, games like Hotline Miami will tug the rug out from under your feet at unexpected moments. New enemies arise to be sure, as do new weapons, but the tactics needed to take them down can require you to completely forget all you have experienced up to that point. You do not merely adapt to the game, you unlearn and relearn each lesson one stage at a time. If you wish to try games which actively defy basic genre conventions, if you want to play a game which pushes you into a perpetual uphill battle, then browse through the similar games to Hotline Miami below.

Games Like Hotline Miami

  1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss Cover Art
    • 74%
    • 2012
    • Sony Computer Entertainment
      • PlayStation Vita