Heroes of Scene

  • 40
  • RATE

Heroes of scene is a multiplayer strategy game with an indirect control. You
are in charge of the Kingdom of live toys. Gameplay is based on the two
general mechanisms. First one is the development of your castle. Second one
is the attack and defense. You can summon toy warriors and spells from the
magic cards. The summoning uses resources, which you can get from sawmills,
textile mills and laboratories. Battle scenes in the Heroes of scene usually
last less than 15 minutes.
• Your deck – your regulations!
Collect your own deck of heroes and spells. Plan your own strategy to win!
• Fast gaming session.
The battle rarely overruns more than 15 minutes allowing you to play on the
way home or during work breaks.
• Build your castle!
You can build your own kingdom with a laboratory, a sawmill or even a forge.
• One account for all devices.
You have one account which is playable on all your devices giving you the
ability to play on a tablet or PC using your favourite characters and spells.