38 Games Like Heavy Bullets

Armed with a simple yet stylish revolver and six devastatingly plump bullets, you must reset the security mainframe to restore order and reap the rewards of a job well done. To succeed in the game, players will need to move carefully and make smart use of their bullets, items, and the environment as rushing into new areas is the fastest way to get killed in the untamed wild of the neon corridors.

Games Like Heavy Bullets

  1. Flesh Eaters Cover Art
    • -
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Back To Basics Gaming
  2. CRYPTARK Cover Art
    • 100%
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Alientrap
  3. Fishing Planet Cover Art
    • 67%
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Fishing Planet LLC
  4. Red Crucible: Firestorm Cover Art
    • -
    • 2015
    • Rocketeer Games Studio LLC
      • PC (Windows)
  5. Layers of Fear Cover Art
    • 40%
    • Early Access/ Beta
    • Bloober Team SA