Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

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  • RATE
Moving out to the country means moving on to the simple life, right? Hardly. To be a successful farmer or rancher, it’s going to take hard work, good weather, a lot of love from your dog and a little luck! Of course, you could build your farm or ranch at your own pace: plant a crop or tree here, chop some wood there. But there are some other folks counting on you – the Harvest Sprites. Their Harvest Goddess turned to stone, and the Sprites need you to earn and find 100 Harvest Notes as you settle into your new life in Flower Bud Village. Once the notes are collected the Magical Melody will be completed and the Goddess will return. On top of all this, the village is full of farmer’s wives-in-waiting. Farm life, ranch life, social life: It’s a wonderful life in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody!