Guild Wars 2

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One of many MMORPG games dominating the market, Guild Wars 2 stands out thanks to ArenaNet's innovative designs. The world of Tyria is under threat by the constant Charr onslaught, and the Elder Dragons have awoken. Rampaging across the land, they corrupt all in their path, slaughtering anything which refuses to bend to their power.

Despite relying upon high fantasy tropes, Guild Wars 2's story stands out thanks to a strong narrative. Every race features a multitude of stories at the start, each tailored to a specific race and background. A dynamic event system is used for certain quest chains to play out in concert. A "ripple effect" allows players approach them in different ways and orders. This is one of several methods used to give the impression of an ongoing world. 

The combat system found within Guild Wars 2 opposes the traditional class structure typically found in MMORPGs. Elements of the Healer, Fighter and Rogue combo are present, but these are divided among several professions. This encourages synergy to exist between various professions when approaching certain tasks. This balance places an emphasis upon creative solutions to challenges. Using the environment to your advantage remains a major gameplay element in every quest. Guild Wars 2 remains a unique MMORPG and stands as a testament to ArenaNet's creativity.