38 Games Like Game of Thrones

Every character in this list of games like Game of Thrones has a different story to tell. Every hero follows a different path, and every traveller is destined to view the world in a very different light. While it might be an old concept, it is one truly perfected through experiences like Game of Thrones. As a story of stories, games of this brand follows several narrative threads which explore different aspects of the setting, showing it through the eyes of its victims through strong storytelling and character choices. From a riches to rags story of an outlaw, to political machinations in the capital, and a violent path to victory in a distant land, there is no shortage of stories to follow. Switching back and forth between them as they link to a larger overarching narrative, those like Game of Thrones make the world seem bigger by having more consequences, crisis and sub-plots to keep track of. Even if a character is permitted a moment of calm amid the storm of chaos, all other tales will quickly pick up the slack, and threaten to devolve into bloodshed. A decision in one story will leave its mark upon the others as events become ever more desperate, and could easily lead to events spiralling out of control. Forging a letter from a superior power could easily grant your family the respite they need, or the act of betrayal could turn you into a political pariah. Some might be red herrings, retaining little value or even long term staying power when it comes to the story, but each will always remain important to the characters, and certainly to the player. Perhaps a child being threatened by a knife wielding assailant might be of no help to you, but could you really walk away from him? Should you? Character driven as it is, conversations and quick reactions remain an essential part of the narrative. Key players will always remember your actions, and the wrong word can easily let slip something of great value to the wrong man. Yet, doing so could open up later opportunities thanks to their overconfidence, while equally enraging or threatening someone could turn them against you permanently. In the game of thrones you win or you die, and the blade which ends your life could come from any hand. Even during the quieter moments, these games like Game of Thrones always find new ways to keep you ever more engaged by the story, peeling away at the world. It is not enough to merely state a threat exists, so instead these games explore it, develop it, working through pages of lore as its importance is built up. Then, should you fail to stop it, you will feel all the more damned for having done so. If you prize a great story above all else, if you value individual choice in any story and have an unrivalled love of the fantasy genre, the similar games below will be of great interest to you.

Games Like Game of Thrones